Publishing — Individual, team, or publisher entries for excellence in online journalism. Only for non-paid, non-commercial content, published in accordance with the Press Code.

1. Publisher Sites (mass appeal)
News or feature publishing sites intended to distribute information to a mass audience for non-brand purposes.

2. Publisher Specialist Sites or Features
Permanent or temporary news or feature sites intended to distribute information to a niche audience, meaning it is aimed at communities of interest or geographic niche audiences, or for specific events or themes.
Think – World Cup site, or a Marikana commemoration feature.

3. Mobile Content
News or feature content intended for consumption in APP or mobile friendly format.

4. Electronic Newsletters
Editorial content distributed via email.

5. Social Media News Coverage
Use of social media platforms for single or cross-platform coverage of a major news event.
Think opening of parliament, a court case, or a natural disaster.

6. User-generated Content
Use of editorially aggregated or curated user-generated content in a news story to enhance the content.

7. Data Stories
Use of data visualization and infographics to tell and illustrate stories.
Think election results, or crime statistics.

8. Online News Videos
Use of online video for a news event.

9. Live Event Coverage
Online coverage of a live news event in any combination of reporting/blogging/multimedia/social media format.
Think court cases or natural disasters.

10. Podcasts and Audio Streaming
An online audio story/feature/series of news actuality content. Content may be published on any platform.

11. News Innovation
A new, unique online news product or digital story presentation method - anything not yet done in the South African media

Please also see the Categories & Criteria PDF for more detail on each sub-category
Creative Excellence: 40%
Innovation & Technical Accomplishment: 30%
Results Achieved: 30%