1. Brand, Commercial & Retail Websites
All responsive websites for any commercial purpose.
Entrants may want to consider whether their entry is more appropriate in the E-commerce or Microsites categories, but the category is open to any commercial or retail website.
Think Cell C Girl, Sanlam Conversations with yourself

2. E-commerce Sites
Any site offering e-commerce and sale of items as its primary function.
Think,,, za

3. Public Service and NPO platforms
Any website or app for a government, civil society or "Not for Profit" organisation.
Think Department of Health or The Worldwide Fund For Nature.

4. Web Apps
A rich web-based, functional application designed to run in a browser - will be judged by its utility, functionality and technical strength. This award is for software not content.
Think Google Docs.

5. Mobile Apps
Any application installed on a mobile device - phone, tablet or watch. Publishing apps have their own category (below).
Think Uber, Dis-Chem App, FNB App

6. Mobile Sites
Any site specifically designed for browsing on a mobile phone, including feature phones.
Think Vodacom Soccer


7. Games
Original digital games designed for phone, web or console. Includes games developed for informational or commercial purposes.
Think FarmVille, Call of Duty or Pokemon Go.

8. Customer Experience Design
Excellence in the digital customer experience, including point of sale or online service channels.

9. Employee Experience Platform
Any platform, digital employee experience or company intranet that can demonstrate uplift and effectiveness in employee communications or upliftment in human resources improving employee welfare and overall business performance.

10. Brand System or Brandfile platform
An internal brand platform that demonstrates increased efficiency and effectiveness in internal corporate, partner and brand communication.

11. Platform Innovation
The winner of this category must demonstrate a truly original, new to the world, use or manipulation of the platform (App, web, Mobile, web, games etc) and serve as a strategic tool to meet the campaign objective or the business objective of their client.
These platforms include brand, commercial and retail websites, microsites, ecommerce sites, public service and NPO platforms, web apps, mobile apps, mobile sites and games.
Think Royco Rewards

Please also see the Categories & Criteria PDF for more detail on each sub-category
Innovation & Technical Accomplishment: 40%
Creative Excellence: 30%
Results Achieved: 30%