Craft Awards


  1. Excellence in Marketing Copywriting
    Individual/team award for an excellent piece or body of copywriting work on a marketing campaign.
  2. Excellence in News or Feature Writing
    For excellence in journalism in an online publication.
  3. Excellence in Research
    For excellent research that enhanced a campaign or publication.
  4. Excellence in Interface Design
    For excellence in graphic and UI design, as distinct from UX design.
  5. Excellence In Software, Coding & Tech. Innovation
    Individual or team award for demonstrable excellence and innovation in coding or use of technology in an online campaign or platform. The engineering will be judged by a team of software experts.
  6. Excellence in Strategy
    For demonstrable excellence in strategic thinking.
  7. Excellence in UX
    For excellence in UX design, as distinct from UI design.
  8. Excellence in Online Video Production
    For excellent online video - production, editing, post-production, cinematography, animation etc.
  9. Excellence in Social Media Community Management
    For excellent community management or social media engagement with demonstrable results.
  10.  Digital Media
    For best and most innovative use of paid search marketing (including organic search).
  11. Excellence in Use of Sound 
    For best and most accomplished use of sound in a digital application, site, video or installation.
  12. Interactive Design
    For excellence in experiential, AR, VR and game design

Please also see the Categories & Criteria PDF for more detail on each sub-category
Creative Excellence & Quality of Work Produced: 60%
Technical Difficulty or Accomplishment & Innovation: 40%