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1. Brand, Commercial & Retail Websites
2. E-commerce Sites
3. Public Service and NPO platforms
4. Web Apps
5. Mobile Apps
6. Mobile Sites
7. Games
8. Customer Experience Design
9. Employee Experience Platform
10. Brand System or Brandfile Platform
11. Platform Innovation


1. Social Communities
2. Use of User-generated Content
3. Social Media Campaigns
4. Online Video Channels
5. Influencer Marketing
6. Social Media Innovation


1. Paid Search Marketing
2. Organic Search Marketing
3. Display Advertising
4. Native Advertising
5. Online Video Series
6. Social Paid Advertising
7. Innovative Use of Media
8. Email, Direct & Inbound Marketing
9. Use of Programmatic Media
10. Campaign / Microsites
11. Digital Installations and Activations
12. Online Video
13. Use of CRM, Loyalty Programs, & Gamification
14. Bots, Messaging and Dark Social
15. Channel Innovation
16. Podcasts and Audio Streaming

Emerging Digital Technologies and Channels

1. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
2. Internet of Things
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Second Screen Campaign
5. Interactive Mixed Media

Publishing - Individual, team, or publisher entries for excellence in online journalism. Only for non-paid, non-commercial content, published in accordance with the Press Code.

1. Publisher Sites (mass appeal)
2. Publisher Specialist Sites or Features
3. Mobile Content
4. Electronic Newsletters
5. Social Media News Coverage
6. User-generated Content
7. Data Stories
8. Online News Videos
9. Live Event Coverage
10. Podcasts and Audio Streaming
11. News Innovation


1. Digital Campaign Strategy
2. Content Strategy
3. Digital Integrated Campaign
4. Mobile Campaign
5. Best Use of Data
6. Integrated Mixed Media Campaign
7. Branded Content
8. Break Through on a Budget

Craft Awards for Teams and Individuals

1. Craft: Excellence in Marketing Copywriting
2. Craft: Excellence in News or Feature Writing
3. Craft: Excellence in Research
4. Craft: Excellence in Interface Design
5. Craft: Excellence in Software, Coding & Tech Innovation
6. Craft: Excellence in Strategy
7. Craft: Excellence in UX
8. Craft: Excellence in Online Video Production
9. Craft: Excellence in Social Media Community Management
10. Craft: Digital Media
11. Craft: Excellence in use of Sound
12. Craft: Interactive Design

Special Honours

1. Best Digital Student
2. Best Digital Youngster
3. Best Marketer
4. Best CTO
5. Best Online Journalist
6. Best Direct Brand or Online Business
7. Best Contribution to Transformation in the Digital Industry
8. Pixel for Purpose
9. Best Individual Contribution to Digital
10. Brand of the Year
11. Best Publisher
12. Best Digital Agency