Quick Guide

Helpful Documents

1. Bookmarks 2019 Entry Guideline Document
2. Bookmarks 2019 Helpful Hints
3. Bookmarks 2019 How Judging Works
4. Bookmarks 2019 Quick Guidelines (this doc)
5. Bookmarks 2019 T&C
6. Bookmarks 2019 Fees
7. Or email bookmarks@loeries.com

STEP 1: Read the Rules

Before you begin your journey to winning a gold... PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES (ENTRY GUIDE) PROPERLY. PREFERABLY MORE THAN ONCE.

Absolutely nothing can be entered that has not been approved and that has not been commercially published, launched or aired.

STEP 2: Check the Categories & Fees

Make sure you enter your work in the correct categories . If you need help determining which category is most appropriate for your work, please don’t hesitate to contact bookmarks@iabsa.net hello@iabsa.net for assistance. Please check the entry fees and methods of payment. The Bookmarks reserves the right to move entries to more appropriate categories during entry processing and prior to judging.
The responsibility for ensuring that an entry is entered into the correct category lies with the entrant. During judging the Jury are not allowed to move entries between categories.

STEP 3: Entry Creation

Each category has different criteria that needs to be met, including supporting media.

Please check the entry form and rules to ensure you’re ready to create your entry.

STEP 4: Prepare Your “One Pager” and “Results” Jpeg

Two documents need to be submitted with each entry – a “One Pager” summary and a  “Results” page that clearly prove the success of your entry. Some categories do not require results – please read the relevant category criteria.

Failure to produce compelling motivations will limit your entry’s chance of winning. The basic structure of a “one pager” should include your brief/ objective and information based on the category entry criteria.

Step 5: Submit your entry online

Create an entry on the online system, choose a category and fill in the relevant information on the form. Entries can be edited at any stage before submission.

Refer to the Entry Guide page for detailed instructions.

Step 6: Upload digital media and supporting material.

All electronic media must be uploaded via the entry system before the deadline.

It is mandatory for agencies to upload the Entry Confirmation (must be signed by the CEO, ECD or equivalent) to your profile on the entry system.

Step 7: GET HELP!

If you have any entry or technical queries, please call us on 011 772 1220 or send an e-mail to bookmarks@loeries.com