How Judging Works

Judging Process


Judging takes place in two rounds:


Round 1: Online (off site) judging:

The judges login via the Loeries online judging System and will begin by reading your One Pager” supplied as part of your entry. Thereafter each judge will view the material in more depth for those entries that they believe have a strong chance of progressing through the competition. THE JUDGE IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO READ ALL YOUR MATERIAL OR WATCH ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS.


Round 2: Onsite judging:

The judges convene for two days of intense judging to score all finalists. Scoring is secret and only the Jury President will know at the end of the judging who the winners are.

At all times,  judges are recused from judging their own work, or work that presents a conflict of interest. In round 2, recused judges are physically absent and do not participate in the discussions. In facilitating round 2, the Jury President will be assisted by three additional jury chairs. To ensure neutrality, neither the president nor chairs judge entries. Their role is to manage the judging process, and to ensure fairness and equal application of the entry criteria and competition rules.

The Shortlist:

Based on the criteria, entries are narrowed down to a shortlist before final evaluation by the judges. This shortlist will be released prior to the Bookmarks show.

The final score then determines their qualification for Bronze Certificates, or Silver, Gold or Perspex (for special honours) Pixels.

Shortlisted entries do not automatically qualify for an award. Self-promotional work will not be eligible for Gold Pixels.