1. Social Communities
    New or ongoing permanent homes for brands or publishers on social media. Evidence of growth or specific achievements in the past year is essential. Think Wrigley's Facebook page or Deloitte's Linked-in page.
  2. Use of User Generated Content
    Best use of user-generated content to achieve a marketing goal. Entrants must show innovation in leveraging UGC and how it led to results. Think Wendy's Bacon Pretzel Cheeseburger.
  3. Social Media Campaigns
    Best marketing campaigns where social media is at the core of the campaign strategy and mechanic. This includes Influencer Marketing. Please give a clear indication of media spend. Think #Volvo Contest at the Superbowl
  4. Online Video Channels
    Online non-publisher video channel with dedicated fans or followers (publisher, see below). Think YouTube Stars like Jenna Marbles.
  5. Influencer Marketing
    Excellence in use of influencer marketing to meet marketing goals. Work entered here should be primarily influencer-led, rather than general social media campaigns.
  6. Social Media Innovation
    The winner of this category must demonstrate a truly original, new to the world, use or manipulation of the platform, and serve as a strategic tool to meet the campaign objective or the business objective of their client. May include all unowned social media channels, innovative use of user-generated content, online video and innovative use, or approach to influencer marketing.

Creativity/Innovation: 40%

Technical Accomplishment: 30%

Results Achieved: 30%