1. Paid Search Marketing
    The use of Search Engine Marketing to achieve campaign goals. Think your favourite low CPA campaign on Google.
  2. Organic Search Marketing
    SEO and other organic search marketing techniques to achieve campaign goals. Think the insurance brand that appears first when you search "insurance".
  3. Display Advertising
    Banners, page take-overs and any similar mechanics in the bought-media space. Think any banner on any homepage, mobile or desktop, near you.
  4. Native Advertising
    Advertiser-sponsored, publisher-carried content designed to market a product or service through content development. Think Vice Media.
  5. Online Video Series
    Non-branded online video content. Think Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.
  6. Branded Content
    Use of brand placement within a content context to promote a product or service, where the content remains the hero. Think Aston Martin in James Bond.
  7. Social Paid Advertising
    Campaign run through bought media on social media platforms, leveraging these platforms to deliver exceptional results. Think your favourite clever Facebook campaign.
  8. Innovative Use of Media
    Demonstrable innovation in digital media placement or buying. Winners must show real creativity in how unusual channels were used or conventional channels were used in new ways. Think Bud Light on Tinder.
  9. Email, Direct & Inbound Marketing
    Use of email, SMS, direct digital marketing and other inbound techniques to achieve campaign success. Winners will show exceptional return on investment.
  10. Use of Programmatic Media
    Use of new ways of buying and optimising media spend to achieve exceptional results for advertisers. Think advanced targeting, cost effective campaigns using platforms like Xaxis.
  11. Digital Installations and Activations
    Use of digital technology to engage audiences typically in an out-of-home or events setting. Think BA's #lookup billboard or Roger Waters' The Wall Concert.
  12. Online Video
    Use of online video to further marketing goals.
  13. Use of CRM, Loyalty Programs & Gamification
    Excellence in the use of customer data and targeting to achieve digital marketing results, including online loyalty programs and gamification. Think Nike Fuel.
  14. Channel Innovation
    The winner of this category must demonstrate a truly original, new to the world, use or manipulation of the channel or media, and serve as a strategic tool to meet the campaign objective or the business objective of their client. May include media innovation in paid or organic search marketing, display advertising, native advertising, video content, media buying, email, direct and inbound marketing, programmatic media, digital installations & activations, or use of CRM, loyalty programs and gamification.

Creativity/Innovation: 40%

Technical Accomplishment: 30%

Results Achieved: 30%