Entry Fees

All Entries (excluding Craft and Special Honours):

IAB Member R 1150 (incl Vat)
Non-member R 1500 (incl Vat)


IAB Member R 1000 (incl Vat)
Non-member  R 1250 (incl Vat)

Special Honours:

IAB Member R 1150 (incl Vat)
Non-member R 1500 (incl Vat)

Please note that the “Best Agency” and “Best Publisher” categories are free as they are drawn from performance in the competition and therefore do not need formal entries.


Non-member R 550 (incl Vat)

Please make sure your work is eligible - read the Entry Rules before submitting your work. All entries are subject to the Terms & Conditions of The Bookmark Awards.


Payment can only be made by Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Account details are provided on the invoice.

No Refunds on Entries: Under no circumstances will refunds of any fees or costs relating to Entries or entry into the Bookmarks be issued to Entrants. The fees paid for Entries are intended to cover the costs of administration, processing and judging the Entries and preparing the awards.