Bookmarks 2017 Entry Guide



The Basic Rules:

  1. Entries may be submitted into any category, and into multiple categories. However the Bookmarks Jury President reserves the right to remove or reassign entries that are not relevant to the original category entered.
  2. Entries must have appeared online during the period 16 November 2015 – 11 November 2016.
  4. Entries (in particular platforms, publications and apps) from previous years may be re-entered into categories where re-entries are explicitly allowed. Where required, entrants must motivate for what has changed in the work since the last time it was entered. Work deemed to be too similar to previously entered versions may be removed from judging.
  5. Work entered must have been developed for a South African audience; or by a South African agency for an international audience.
  6. A “One Pager” must be submitted with all entries, and entries which do not include this may be disqualified. Please see the “One Pager” guidelines below.
  7. The Bookmarks Jury President reserves the right to cancel a category and refund the entry fees if a suitable number of entries is not received or the entries are not of sufficient quality.


The Categories:

  1. Finding the right category/ies for your work is an art not a science. But consider not only what fits your entry but also what it is likely to get judged against.
  2. You may enter your work into as many categories as you wish. It will be judged according to the category description in every case and potentially by different juries.
  3. If you are unsure of what a category means or whether your work would be appropriate for it please contact our helpline or send us an email and we’ll be happy to advise.
  4. Craft categories are for individuals or small teams. Whilst the entering company will still receive points the award is given to the individual/team and engraved with their name/s.
  5. Agency of the Year and Publisher of the Year are won based on points earned in the Bookmarks show. No entries are required or accepted for these.
  6. Some categories are free to enter – please check pricing for more information.


The “One-Pager”:

  1. Round 1 is an “In or Out” filtering stage of judging. The intention behind filtering the entries in this round is that the judges are then able to devote the majority of their time to considering the best entries in each category.
  2. In stage 1, judges may base their decision SOLELY on the “One Pager” and it is therefore critical that your “One Pager” does your work justice. Consider carefully therefore what you need to tell the judges in order to persuade them that it’s worth moving your entry forward into the second round.
  3. Slightly different information will be appropriate for the various categories, but you should include:
    • The title and description of the work;
    • A written motivation for why it is awards-worthy. Remember the Bookmarks awards both innovation and effectiveness so telling us what amazing results the campaign achieved is key.
    • A representative work visual (if applicable) – like a screengrab or an example banner


Other Supporting Material:

 Once an entry moves through Round 1 judging, the judges will then review the other submitted material.

 Entry URL: entrants who wish to present their work online may choose to make an entry site or URL which navigates the judge through all relevant material. This could include screen grabs, banners, case videos, write-ups and testimonials. Be realistic however about how much time judges have to view your work. The judges have no obligation to review your entire submission and experience shows that a short, punchy entry beats a 10 minute case video every time!

Supporting Material: if you do not wish to make an Entry Site, you may attach your material as a PDF. This should include all relevant information about the work – sufficient to give a judge a clear idea of what you have done. And why. For some categories this might just be a document with no visuals. Again, be realistic about judges time. Brevity is your friend.

Evidence of Results: Bookmarks is a show committed to awarding work that has delivered results. Other than Craft and Special Honours, all categories are 40% judged on results achieved. Results are NOT screen grabs of your Google Analytics dashboard. The judges typically consider the following:

  1. Whether the results are believable (avoid “4567% increase in Twitter followers”)
  2. Whether the entry was meaningful to the client or business;
  3. Whether the results submitted are relevant to the specific category being reviewed;
  4. Whether the results submitted represent an efficient use of the client’s budget. Return on Investment is therefore key..


Motivation (Special Honours Only): In brief, why are you nominating this person or company for the award. Convince us.