Helpful hints

How to Create an Entry

1. Create a new entry: Click on Submit Entry and choose New Entry. Then choose the category that you would like to enter your work into.

Enter the details of your entry, including a description and credits. IMPORTANT: you can save your incomplete Entry Form at any point and return at a later stage.

2. You will have the option to upload and add media to your entries during this process (video files, audio files, jpegs). You can also add media at a later stage.

3. Before payment you have the opportunity to review your entries . You can also Edit, Delete or Add entries at this point. 

4. Once you've created and checked all your entries, you can proceed to payment. Payment can only be by Bank Transfer.

5. You can log back into the system at any stage after payment to review your entries in the Manage Entries section. You will be able to add and finalise media and print out any forms, labels and invoices as well as edit credits and descriptions.

The “One-Pager”

This year sees the continuation of an “In or Out” filtering stage of judging, which was introduced in 2015. The intention behind filtering the entries in this round is that the judges are then able to devote the majority of their time to considering the best entries in each category.

In stage 1, judges will base their decision SOLELY on the “One Pager” and it is therefore critical that your “One Pager” does your work justice.  Consider carefully therefore what you need to tell the judges in order to persuade them that it’s worth moving your entry forward into the second round.

Slightly different information will be appropriate for the various categories, but you MUST include:

i. The title and description of the work;

ii. A written motivation for why it is awards-worthy. Remember the Bookmarks awards both innovation and effectiveness so telling us what amazing things the campaign achieved is key.

iii. A representative work visual (if applicable) – like a screengrab or an example banner

Other Supporting Material

Once an entry moves through Round 1 judging, the judges may then review the other submitted material.

Entry URL: entrants who wish to present their work online may choose to make an entry site or URL which navigates the judge through all relevant material. This could include screen grabs, banners, case videos, write-ups and testimonials. Be realistic however about how much time judges have to view your work. The judges have no obligation to review your entire submission and experience shows that a short, punchy entry beats a 10 minutes case video every time!

Supporting Material: if you do not wish to make an Entry Site, you may attach your material as a PDF. This should include all relevant information about the work – sufficient to give a judge a clear idea of what you have done. And why. For some categories this might just be a document with no visuals. Again, be realistic about judges time. Brevity is your friend.

Evidence of Results: Bookmarks is a show committed to awarding work that has delivered results. Other than Craft and Special Honours, all categories are 40% judged on results achieved. Results are NOT screen grabs of your Google Analytics dashboard. The judges typically consider the following:

  1. Whether the entry was indeed meaningful to the client or business;
  2. Whether the results submitted are relevant to the specific category being reviewed;
  3. Whether the results submitted represent an efficient use of the client’s budget. Return on Investment is therefore key..


Motivation (Special Honours Only): In brief, why are you nominating this person or company for the award. Convince us.