1. Brand, Commercial & Retail Websites and Responsive Sites
    All websites, either desktop or responsive, for any commercial purpose. Entrants may want to consider whether their entry is more appropriate in E-Commerce or Microsites but the category is open to ANY commercial or retail website. Think
  2. Microsites
    Any microsite built to promote a particular product or service in the commercial space. Typically has a lmited lifespan, and should not be the primary website for a brand which would then be entered into the Brand, Commercial & Retail Websites category. Think the site for the new VW Polo.
  3. E-Commerce Sites
    Any site offering e-commerce and sale of items as its primary function. Think
  4. Public Service and NPO platforms
    Any website or app for a government, civil society or Not for Profit organisation. Think Department of Health or The Worldwide Fund For Nature.
  5. "For good" or "cause" platforms
    Sites or apps designed to impact society in a positive way. Winners must demonstrate how the initiatve actually had  an impact on society. Think GIVA (
  6. Web Applications
    A rich web-based application designed to run in a browser - will be judged by its utility, functionality and technical strength. Think Google Docs.
  7. Mobile Apps
    Any application installed on a mobile device - phone or tablet. Think Uber.
  8. Mobile Sites
    Any site specifically designed for browing on a mobile phone, including feature phones. Think
  9. Games
    Original digital games designed for phone, web or console. Includes game developed for informational or commercial purposes. Think FarmVille, Call of Duty or Pokemon Go.

Creativity/Innovation: 30%

Technical Accomplishment: 30%

Results Achieved: 40%