Emerging Digital Technologies and Channels

  1. Digital Installations and Activations
    Use of digital technology to engage audiences typically in an out-of-home or events setting. Think BA's #lookup billboard.
  2. Use of Programmatic Media
    Use of new ways of buying and optimising media spend to achieve exceptional results for advertisers. Think amazing returns of Xasis.
  3. Customer Experience Design
    Excellence in the digital customer experience, including point of sale or online service channels. Think Amazon.com's service offering
  4. VR
    Use of Virtual Reality (VR) to promote product or brand
  5. Chat, Messaging and Dark Social
    Use of chat, chat bots and messaging platforms (dark social) to achieve a marketing or communication result. Think Facebook Messenger
  6. Internet of Things
    Use of atypical internet devices (i.e. not phone or computer) to achieve a marketing or communication result. Think Apple Watch or Apple TV. 

Creativity/Innovation: 30%

Technical Accomplishment: 30%

Results Achieved: 40%